Di's Rosella Cordial

2/3 fill your largest stainless steel saucepan with Rosella buds (lightly washed)

Sugar - 1 kilo per litre strained juice

Lemons - approx. 3 per litre cordial

Citric acid - 1 tbs per 1 1/2 litres cordial


Place whole fruit buds in saucepan. Cover fruit - seeds and all - with water and bring to the boil. Simmer gently until soft and the red colour has faded from the calyx (outside petals). 

Strain through a sieve, throw away the fruit in the compost and measure the liquid. Add liquid back to the saucepan and add a cup of sugar to every cup of liquid: 1 litre of juice = 1 litre of sugar (or cut back the sugar a little).

Heat gently until all the sugar is dissolved, stirring often. Once the sugar is dissolved bring to the boil for one minute. 

Take off the heat, add strained juice of lemons to taste - approximately 9 lemons to 3 litres of cordial - then stir in citric acid.

Bring back very briefly to the boil, pour the mixture into clean bottles and seal while still hot.

Keep in fridge and serve with iced water and cubes. A refreshing drink!

Tip: Some people deseed some rosella buds and place them in the jars before pouring the hot cordial. They are excellent for dropping in some wine or sparkling water if preferred.