Like bees returning to a hive with their precious nectar, the 4000 m2 Beelarong Community Farm attracts people who continually bring to the farm their valuable knowledge of sustainability issues. We are located on York Street in Morningside, Brisbane.

Beelarong Community Farm is a not for profit Association set up to nurture interest in sustainable living by creating a vibrant community farm within an urban environment. We feel it is imperative to go back to growing food locally and sustainably without the need for chemicals. Do you realize that the food you buy travels on average over 2000km from the time it leaves the farmer to when it arrives on your plate?

We fund our own operating expenses through membership dues, the proceeds of various courses run at the farm, events and product sales. Funding from government and community organizations helps to top up funding of special projects.

Beelarong is on public land leased from Brisbane City Council and is open to all. We rely on trust and respect from members and residents to maintain a safe and accessible environment. A management committee meets monthly and anyone can attend. Working bees are held from 9am to 12pm on Wednesdays; however, please feel free to browse around at any time.



To encourage, educate, share and nurture interest in sustainable living

by creating a vibrant community farm within an urban environment.

The Beelarong community farm:

  • Creates a place where all members of the community can meet and feel welcome.

  • Grows plants for food in an ecologically sound way.

  • Shares skills and knowledge about growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, bush tucker and flowers in a sustainable, natural environment.

  • Regenerates the site with the help of biodynamic preparations.

  • Saves and exchanges locally adapted open pollinated, non-hybrid, heritage seeds.

  • Demonstrates to the general public technological and design solutions that make sustainable living in the city possible.

Many major projects have been possible thanks to the support of Brisbane City Council grants programs, such as the Lord Mayor's Suburban Initiative Fund, the Lord Mayor's Community Sustainability and Environmental Grants Program, and BCC Access and Inclusion Partnership Grant. 

Thanks to Brisbane City Council for their support. 


Beelarong Community Farm | Cnr Beverley and York Sts, Morningside, QLD, 4170 | | 0401 168 657